Vitamins For Memory are the vitamins that believed can improve the memory system in human brain. For example, it can be useful for the older people who start losing short-term memories, or it can be useful for people who have the symptoms of alzheimers, though it is not scientifically proven as the best medicine for alzheimers or dementia. To get the benefits of Vitamins For Memory, they should be taken regularly. Nowadays, there are many companies selling pills containing  a plethora of Vitamins For Memory.

The main Vitamins For Memory

There are 3 main Vitamins For Memory that can affect memory and brain power; they are, vitamin B that can create protective shield for neurons, kill the toxic poison in nerve cells, and help producing red bloods cells that is used to carry oxygen for brain. The sufficient oxygen for brain will be good to renew the broken cells.

Second, it is anti-oxydants which include (vitamin C, E and beta carotene. This is useful to breakdown free radical that can impair the functions of neurons. Third is omega 3, though omega is not actually a viamin, yet it still can be categorized as Vitamins For Memory that contains fat molecules that can enhance memory and brain functions and also protect brain against inflammation, Vitamins For Memory.

Other memory supplement

Those Vitamins For Memory can be found in vegetables, fruits and fish ocean. However, there are other memory suplement that forms in pills and should be taken with the foods contaning Vitamins For Memory to get the better result. The supplemenes are; Acetyl L-cornitine which is used for maximizing the brain functions.

Alpha GPC, which is good for growth and revitalization. ATP, which is useful to get physical energy to get more concentration. Bacopo Monien, which is good to support braintransmitters during memorization.

And then, Citicoline is also good to make up brain cells membranes and improve memories. CoQ10 which is for insuring maximum physical energy for concentration and memory. DMAE, which is for helping with mental energy, alertness and concentratrion. And ginko biloba, for improving blood flow to brain. These supplements works as well as Vitamins For Memory.

The difference is Vitamins For Memory can be found naturally, while these supplements are made by human duplicating the functions of vitamins, so that both supplements and vitamins can work as well. However, to get the better result, these supplementss still should be taken with Vitamins For Memory.


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